PCMTuner Vs CG FC200,Qual è la differenza? Quale è meglio?

Voglio comprare un programmatore Ecu e trovarne 2, uno è Pcmtuner un altro è CG FC-200. Qual è la differenza? Quale è meglio?


Let us check the following differences

Item PCMTuner CG FC200
Software Language English and Chinese English, French, Spanish, Polish, Turkish, Chinese
Dongle USB Smart Dongle No
Offline/online Work offline, VR need online. It should work online and with 12v power supply.
ECU Search Search ecu by  ecu number, car brand Search ecu by bosch ecu number, car brand
Operation mode Bench, boot and OBD mode bench, boot and OBD mode
ECU types Bosch, magneti marelli, continental or siemens Bosch
Virtual reading online access to VR files No
Wiring diagram Check wiring in PCMTuner, online update wiring diagram Device shows you wiring diagram
Tuner account for dpf, egr, adblue off and remap Yes No
Read BMW ISN No Yes, read ISN, change ISN and change VIN
Checksum Yes Calculates checksum online, it won’t work if software subscription expires
Activation Yes, provide S/N to activate and register with email Yes, provide S/N to activate
License 67 modules in 1 Full license
Option solderless adapter No Yes, FC200 Optional adapter: No Need Disassembly Adapter for 6HP 8HP MSV90 N55 N20 B48 B58 B38 etc
Update & Subscription PCMTuner free update online, No subscription, No annual fee, no monthly fee.PCM-Flash update by new dongle 1 Year Free update, subscription is $125/ year
ECU list PCMTuner ECU List FC200 ECU List
Price 440  689



  • FC200 has more protocol but no checksum fix
  • FC-200 works only on Bosch ECUs, So for Magneti Marelli, Continetial or siemens pcmtuner is better
  • If you want to used for dpf,egr, adblue off and remap, PCMTuner is better
  • FC200 only some BMW ECU can be done via OBD
  • PCMTuner v1.27 cannot do BMW ECUs (EDC17xx etc)


In conclusion, depends on what is the main purpose of your buy.  FC-200 could be useful for BMW ISN from Ecu or maybe for some Ecu cloning, but only some of them because most of MEDC17 needs adaption of OTP and password or immo transfer for successful cloning. If the main purpose is Chip tuning, PCMTuner is a better buy because it can calculate checksums and it is cheaper.

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